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Poultry and Swine house ventilation

Rotem's Platinum Plus and Junior House Controllers are a modular system which manages all aspects of a poultry or swine house: climate, temperature, feed, weighing and ventilation. Designed for operations requiring a large number of relays, the Platinum provides a plug-and-play solution for growers wanting to invest minimal time in programming the controller. Alternatively, growers wanting to configure the controller to fit exactly their particular installation can set every detail.  

Platinum Plus and Junior Controllers feature Rotem’s Precision Ventilation technology, an innovative technology that has revolutionized poultry and swine house ventilation worldwide. Precision Ventilation features Dynamic Cruise Control, which automatically adjusts the ventilation system according to the changes in temperature, humidity and static pressure. The system takes into consideration the wind chill factor, fan air capacity, minimum required ventilation according to bird weight, and the temperature differential between the two ends of the house. In doing so the Platinum provides:

    Optimal target temperature, humidity and CO2
    Optimal air conditioning; reduced humidity & ammonia levels
    Reduced heating & ventilation costs

User Friendly

Using a Platinum Plus/Junior is simple.The units feature a large LCD graphic display, and on-screen help and graphs. A Windows-based software package can be installed on any PC, enabling remote monitoring and control over the unit.

A Platinum Plus/Junior provides the grower with a large variety of functionality:

    Digital inputs provide data on the feed count , water meter,  feeder overtime,  auxiliary alarm
    0 to 10 volt analog outputs enable control over light dimmers and variable speed fans
    Growers wanting to control their feeding operations as well as collect the data needed to properly analyze their operations can connect the controller to bird, feed and silo scales.
    Full control via a PC (both locally and remotely) is possible by installing a communication card and by connecting the Controller to a
    An optional digital input/analog output combo card frees a card slot, thereby enabling even more functionality

Backup Systems

The Platinum features numerous backup controls that ensure that critical systems continue to function even in the event of an emergency (for example power or controller failure, communication breakdown and more).

    The Vent/Curtain Relay & Switch Card provides an extra margin of safety for vents and curtain opening
    The Emergency Card ensures emergency operation of five normally closed outputs if the main controller fails

Platinum XL Features
Using the Platinum

    On-screen help and graphs
    Large & friendly numeric keypad
    Smart On/Off/Auto override switches
    Battery backup option (12 V)
    SD card port to save history & update software
    Modular system to meet specific requirements
    Support for Data Load /Save Settings using an SD card
    Up to 40 additional heavy-duty relays (refer to Platinum Extension)
    Complete remote communication with real-time visual outlook

Climate Control

    Precise fogging and cooling systems
    Upgraded natural ventilation program, providing much greater flexibility in defining the system operating parameters
    Variable speed fan support for exhaust/tunnel continuous/cycle functionality
    Cooling pad staging: This features enables mapping cool pads operation to tunnel mode operation
    Foggers staging: This features enables mapping fogging operations to tunnel mode operation
    Support for vent/curtain operation over analog output
    Support for potentiometer feedback on curtain/vent
    Extended vent/curtain calibration support
    Support for zone inlet analog output control in Poultry Layers configuration
    Static pressure control


    16 independent heat zones
    Support for floor heat control
    Support for proportional heater functionality
    Support for heat cycling

Water and Feed

    Feed management with integrated overflow alarm and shutoff
    Support for auger vs. silo layout
    Water on Demand functionality
    ** Relay control, which provides time-based control system
    ** Sensor control, which enables precision measurement of the water flow


    Current sensor for monitoring power consumption
    Low water pressure alarm
    CO2 and humidity alarm
    Fail safe emergency relay
    Detailed alarm and event log

Localized Software Packages

Platinum's XL software supports the following languages (no need to order the language):